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Classic Motor Show Report

The Association made its first foray into the Classic Motor Show at the NEC during the weekend 12 – 14 November with a display of three stunning cars, and the simple aim of increasing awareness amongst members of the public.

The stars of the show were Jeremy Timms’ Championship-winning Chevron B15; Mike Walker’s Brabham 21 and Josh Sharp’s newly acquired Chevron B17 – which was displayed in a state of undress – eliciting many questions from members of the public, as well as highlighting Andrew Tart’s detailed restoration of this desirable motor car.

The stand was simple in design (see photo), with the natural focal point being the cars. That said, Paul Booth had produced a number of banners highlighting F1 World Champions who had earned their spurs in F3.There is no doubt that the photographs of Fittipaldi, Hunt, Lauda and Stewart caught people’s eyes and complemented the natural ‘draw’ of the cars.

Simon Armer conducted a post-work dash to the NEC armed with Association-branded polo shirts for the volunteers, and an armful of mini traffic cones to delineate our perimeter! With the cars safely delivered, and stand complete; Messrs Booth, Duffy and Etherington took the first shift on the Friday. After a slow start, there was a ‘pulse’ of activity between about 1100 and 1400hrs; with at least one visitor on the stand at any one time enquiring about the Association – but mainly wanting to know about the cars.

In terms of period and current drivers, Dave Berry was kind enough to drop by and have a chat, as did Michael Scott, Mike O’Brien and Mike Arnold.

On Saturday, Andrew Tart, Mike Walker, Mike Faloon and newly joined member Mike Lamplough took over the running of the stand.(Too many ‘Mikes’ in the Association)!As with Friday, there was a steady stream of interest in the cars.

On Sunday, Keith Messer, Jeremy Timms and his better half Sally Pitt took up the baton. There appeared to be fewer numbers than on the preceding days, but Keith had a good conversation which may result in a new racing member in due course. Andrew Tart and Mike Walker returned in the afternoon to collect their cars – joining the inevitable scrum as exhibitors sought to ‘exit’ at the earliest opportunity.

One might ask whether the Classic Motor Show is the right ‘hunting ground’ for the Association? Certainly, one is not going to get an existing competitor from another series to convert to the righteous path of screaming – as perhaps we might at Race Retro. However, there was a genuine interest being expressed by members of the public. We can certainly - and will – refine and improve our offering. Should we return to the NEC in 2022?The consensus is ‘yes’, as we have now taken the first positive steps along the path of raising our profile.

My sincere thanks go to the owner drivers who loaned their precious mounts and to the other Association members named above who stepped forward and volunteered – at very short notice – to man the stand. This says much about the underlying spirit and commitment in the Association. As Mike Faloon commented: ‘The stand was successful on several levels: it raised our profile, and it gave members a chance to work together; as we had more volunteers committed to working on the stand over the three days than we have had over the thirteen years we have been at Stoneleigh’.

Simon Etherington

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